Some Important-to-Know Facts about Investment Fiduciary Advisors in Arizona

The Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA) came with great taxing and retirement planning benefits for both enterprises and individuals. Among the major inclusions in this act, there was a new category of finance professionals termed as “Fiduciary Advisor”. So let’s discuss some important facts about how investment fiduciary advisors work in Arizona. What is… [Read More]

Why Overweight Small Cap And Value Securities?

What are small cap stocks? What are value stocks? Should I invest in small company and value company stocks? In 1990, the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded to Professor William Forsyth Sharpe for his groundbreaking research on the relationship between risk and return. One of the originators of the Capital Asset Pricing… [Read More]

Investing In Index Funds

What are the best index funds to invest in? What is passive management? What is the active management? What is asset allocation? Which asset classes should I include in my portfolio? What is the difference between index fund investing and asset class investing? These are common questions investors are asking themselves today.   While many have… [Read More]

How Do I Invest For My Financial Future?

What is wealth management? How do I save for retirement? What is the best way to invest my money? These are common questions people ask when planning for their future.  At Solid Rock Wealth Management, we help you take a comprehensive approach to your financial life Money means different things to different people. Each of… [Read More]