Congress Threatens 1031 Exchange

The section 1031 exchange is part of the Internal Revenue Code that allows a taxpayer to sell appreciated real estate, to purchase other real estate and to defer tax on the gain. Congress is debating tax reform and IRC section 1031 exchanges are threatened. The 1031 exchange benefits millions of American investors and businesses every… [Read More]

Understanding Underperformance

Is my portfolio underperforming? How can I tell if my portfolio is underperforming? Why is my portfolio underperforming? Have you ever wondered if your portfolio was underperforming and if so, why? While the question is valid, it’s impossible for anyone to answer it properly without first examining your overall investment approach and the benchmarks used… [Read More]

Time Weighted vs Dollar Weighted Performance Calculations

How do I calculate the performance of my portfolio? What is the difference between time weighted and dollar weighted performance calculations? Investment performance seems like it should be easy to measure and even easier to understand, but investors often find that interpreting performance measurements can be confusing. One reason for the confusion is that the… [Read More]


What is rebalancing? Should I rebalance my portfolio? How often should I rebalance my portfolio? How do I rebalance my portfolio? What affects does rebalancing have on a portfolio? Prudent investment principles such as asset allocation and global diversification are valuable tools for managing risk and volatility in a portfolio. But maintaining the proper structure… [Read More]

Why Stay Conservative in Fixed Income?

What is fixed income? Why invest in fixed income? How should I invest in bonds? What type of bonds should I use? What are bond funds? Should I invest in bond mutual funds? We believe investing revolves around the intertwined concepts of risk and return. The more risk you are willing to take, the more… [Read More]