How Do I Build An Effectively Diversified Investment Portfolio

What is the best way to invest for retirement?
What is asset allocation?
How should I divide my money between stocks and bonds?
How do I create an effectively diversified investment portfolio?
What is an index fund?
What is an exchange traded fund?
What is the difference between active management and passive management?

These are common questions people ask when deciding how to invest for retirement.

How you invest your money can mean the difference between living out your dreams or not.  That is something to take very seriously.  Unfortunately, the amount of information on investing today is overwhelming and confusing, making the decision of how to invest wisely very difficult.  With all of the different investment products, strategies and information, one has to wonder; “is there a proven way to invest my money today?  A strategy that will give me a good chance of attaining my long-term investment goals?”  The answer to that question is YES and in our Wealth Guide we will show you that strategy.

With the Nobel Prize winning concepts of Modern Portfolio Theory as our guide, you learn a step-by-step process for constructing an effectively diversified investment portfolio using low-cost asset class mutual funds.  You will see how over the last forty years this portfolio accumulated more than twice the wealth of a portfolio allocated 60% to the S&P 500 stock index and 40% to the Barclay’s Government Credit bond index.

If you are serious about achieving your long-term financial goals, this Wealth Guide could be one of the more important things you ever read.

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