Farm and Ranch Sale Planning

Selling a farm or ranch can create significant tax consequences.  Careful planning in advance of a sale is critical to effectively preserve the value of ranch property.  We take a comprehensive, team approach in helping you plan for the sale of your farm or ranch and your life afterwards.

We use powerful wealth building and preservation tools including the IRC Section 1031 Exchange, IRC Section 664 Charitable Remainder Trust, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust and Credit Shelter Trust to effectively preserve the wealth you and your family have worked so hard to create.  Using these and other financial strategies, we may be able to help you:

  • save nearly all the income tax on the sale
  • minimize or avoid estate taxes
  • create a stable and higher income for you and your family
  • leave a larger estate for your heirs
  • maximize the impact of desired charitable giving

Having grown up working on ranches in central Montana and as a financial advisor for agricultural families for the past 25 years, I understand the issues involved in operating and selling a ranch.  Through our team planning approach, we can help you effectively plan to preserve the wealth you and your family have worked so hard to create.

Through our sister company, Solid Rock Realty Advisors, LLC, we can help you exchange into secure income producing real estate investments.  For more information, visit:

For free Wealth Guides on planning for the sale of a farm or ranch Click here.

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