Dimensional Fund Advisors


Our clients benefit from access to an exclusive class of low-cost, institutional mutual funds through Dimensional Fund Advisors or DFA. While we can use any investment product for our client’s portfolios, we prefer to use the DFA funds.

Dimensional Fund Advisors is one of the largest and most respected money management firms in the world with over $500 billion in assets under management. In a July 2014 survey conducted among 1,437 financial advisors by Market Strategies International, DFA ranked as the number one primary mutual fund company to work with.

DFA’s investment philosophy is based upon rigorous academic research, including the work of Eugene Fama, recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics. DFA’s funds offer distinct advantages over traditional cap-weighted index funds, providing targeted exposure to factors that have proven to drive investment performance over time.

DFA limits access to its funds to a select group of fee-only investment advisors. Solid Rock Wealth Management is one of those firms.

If you would like to explore the benefits of investing in DFA funds, call me at 406-582-1264 or send an email to chris@solidrockwealth.com

To watch videos about Dimensional and how they add value to portfolio returns, click here.

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