Retirement Income Strategies

Retirement Income Strategies

What is the best way to invest for retirement?
What are the best investments for retirement?
What is the best way to distribute income from my investment portfolio?
What are the best strategies for generating retirement income?
How do I provide secure income for retirement?

Investing wisely for wealth accumulation is one thing, converting those investments into a retirement income stream you cannot outlive is another.  While much attention has been devoted to the accumulation phase of investing, insufficient attention is often devoted to the distribution phase.

As one enters retirement, their focus typically shifts from building wealth to managing and preserving it.  A major challenge is to make an investment portfolio provide inflation adjusted cash flow for the duration of life—and through different economic and market conditions. Satisfying the desire for safety with your investments with the need for growth requires careful planning.

There are many types of investments and multiple strategies for distributing income from investments.  Developing an efficient strategy for distributing income from your investments can help ensure your money keeps up with inflation and lasts as long as you do.

Not all retirement income sources are the same.  Some sources of retirement income are conservative and may provide safety of principal and stable, although lower, returns.  Other investments are more aggressive but offer the potential for higher amounts of income should investment returns be positive.  This doesn’t mean one source of retirement income is better than another.

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